Commercial & Residential Docks

Design. Fabricate. Install.

• Floating Modular Docks
• Galvanized Steel Truss Docks
• Aluminum Dock Systems
• Steel Tank Floats & Docks
• Rowing & Paddle Docks
• Swim Floats
• Wetland Walkways
• Ramps and Gangways
• Stairs and Handrails
• Dock Repairs & Replacement


With over 50 years in steel fabrication, our team has the experience to design, manufacturer and install a solution to meet your specific needs.

  • Steel Truss Docks are designed for maximum strength, using angle for the vertical, horizontal, and angled supports. Holes are punched before galvanizing for attachment of floats and uprights.
  • Dock designs include many optional features, including upright mounts, cleats, emergency ladders, and pre-installed conduit runs.

Our experienced design, fabrication and installation team offers:

• On site consultations to create effective project plans.
• Conceptual drawings to show project design and scope.
• Complete fabrication at our manufacturing facility.
• Delivery and Installation Services.

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